Moving into the future

February 26, 2007

This blog has been idle for a couple of months, but not because we haven’t been busy (rather the opposite!). The TechAtlas team at WebJunction has now grown to four full-time members, and our plans for moving TechAtlas for Libraries forward continue.

WebJunction and OCLC have recently concluded an agreement with NPower to acquire the TechAtlas asset (lock, stock and barrel!) from NPower, and we’ll soon be re-locating TechAtlas homebase from Seattle to Dublin, Ohio.

Now that TechAtlas is even more a part of WebJunction than ever before, we have decided to discontinue this separate blog, and integrate our future postings into WebJunction’s own BlogJunction. If you’re not already reading BlogJunction on a regular basis, please do so to keep up with the TechAtlas for Libraries project!