Libraries, from a kid’s view

On the way to school today, my 7 year old daughter told me what she wanted for Christmas — her own copy of a book about the adventures of giants, and her own library card. I told her we just may be able to get her her own library card even before then (our library gives children under 12 a Children’s Library Card). “Really?!” she said. I said we can get one just by asking the librarian.

“But doesn’t a library card cost a lot of money?” she said.

“No, it’s free,” I answered.

“I though it would have to cost way more than free,” she said.

This conversation reminded me of the high value gifts we as a society give our citizens and children. Last night while reading, my daughter came across the word “sacrifice,” not knowing what it meant, in a story about what Odin had to give up to look into the pool of memory. The mere act of looking it up “sacrifice” in the dictionary, and seeing it’s meaning reflected in a story and in the understanding in my child’s eyes, thoroughly refreshed me of the importance of words, books, and libraries.


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