More details on TechAtlas chat

We’ve had a few questions about how to connect to the TechAtlas chat session mentioned a couple of blog posts ago. If you’re interested in participating in the chat session, read on…

When the chat session is live this Friday July 28 between 9 am and 12 noon PDT (12 noon – 3 pm EDT), there will be a URL link on the TechAtlas Home page that will allow you to access the chat session. Here are the specific steps to follow if you want to join the chat:

  1. Go to the TechAtlas for Libraries site:
  2. Login to your TechAtlas account. If you don’t have a TechAtlas account, you can create one by clicking the Sign-Up Now! button.
  3. Once you’ve logged into TechAtlas, you’ll be placed on the Home page. In the text block at the top of that page, look for a link to live chat.

The link will only be “live” when the chat sessions are active on Fridays at the times indicated above. If you have questions or comments about TechAtlas that you’d like to share, please join us!

BTW, if anyone is interested, the chat tool we will be using is Gabbly.


2 Responses to More details on TechAtlas chat

  1. cj says:

    At some point there were plans for supporting browsers beyond IE. Since I am now using Firefox exclusively, is there any chance that the support of other browers is in the works somewhere along with the additional features? I would love to participate in chat, but cannot until TechAtlas also supports browsers besides IE. Keep up the blogging and good work on TA.

  2. hallje says:

    We did indeed expand the range of supported browser versions for TechAtlas 2.2, and I have used TechAtlas with Firefox quite a bit without any problems.

    However, for the Gabbly chat function embedded within TechAtlas, I also noticed that it does not work with older versions of Firefox. When I first tried it with Firefox version 1.0.7, it was a no-go. But I upgraded the browser to version, and the Gabbly chat tool worked just fine.

    If you are having problems with the chat tool with a more recent version of Firefox, please let us know. There are alternative chat tools like Meebo Me that we could investigate using if Gabbly is being too picky about supported browser versions.

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