Live Chat for TechAtlas

Recently I used a tool called Gabbly, an online chat tool that can be added to any website. I'm thinking we could host live chat on TechAtlas for a limited number of hours each week for logged in users. Anyone logged in could chat, and we'd have a host online to help moderate and answer questions. I think it would be interesting to see what questions surface when people have an easy way to chat directly with someone. What would you think of a chat session on TechAtlas for librariese to be held on Friday mornings, 9am-12n? I'm thinking that having a designated timeframe would allow us to staff moderation adequately, and focus attention so we wouldn't have dead time. I'm thinking we that WebJunction can add Gabbly using the sitemanager content editor on the start page, providing a link when chat is to be active and removing it when it's inactive.


2 Responses to Live Chat for TechAtlas

  1. Phil Klein says:

    to notify users, we could post a notice on the site in advance plus we could email people who’d logged in in past 7-14 days and let them know of a forthcoming chat session.

  2. hallje says:

    This seems like a good idea – maybe we could try an initial Gabbly discussion sometime later this week or next week and see how it goes. We might try to focus the initial session on one of the specific areas of development, such as the network notebook, since we have already received some good user feedback on that one via this blog.

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