Enhancements to the TechAtlas Event Tracker

Thanks to those of you who submitted feedback around the proposed "network notebook" for TechAtlas. You gave us some great suggestions to mull over…

Our next area of design concentration is the TechAtlas Event Tracker tool, which we discussed during a WebJunction webcast last week (see the TechAtlas Online Learning Opportunities page for archived documents from that session). The following list presents Event Tracker enhancements that have been suggested to date – let us hear from you if you have additional suggestions on how we can improve the Event Tracker:

  • Provide a read-only view of the list of Event Tracker events, so staff members can see what events have already been reported. The goal is to provide a way for staff to see what issues have already been logged in order to avoid duplication.
  • Add a date sort ability on the Date column in the event table.
  • Add an alphabetically sortable Work Area column to the event table.
  • Add a text search function to the main Event Tracker page. This would allow the user to do a free text search on the Description and Resolution fields from each event, and optionally filter that search by values from the Event Type and Status fields.
  • Allow users to assign events to Work Areas (i.e. library branches or physical locations within the library).
  • Change terminology on the Event Form so that the Resolution field is re-named to the Action field.
  • Allow event reporters to choose to receive automatic e-mail updates each time that an event record is modified. This provides a status reporting mechanism for the person who reported a particular event.
  • On the Event Form, modify the Event Type drop-down list by moving the blank entry (currently number 8 on the list) to the top of the list. Re-word the blank to something like "Click to select Event Type."
  • Allow individual libraries to modify the block of instructional text at the top of the Event Form page. The goal is to allow libraries to add customized instructions on properly selecting items in inventory and event types according to local practice.
  • Allow user to select Software Subscriptions in inventory on the Event Form "Track an event for" drop-down list. Software subscriptions are the only inventory category currently missing from this list.

2 Responses to Enhancements to the TechAtlas Event Tracker

  1. Dale says:

    A couple of notes about items on the list:

    Work Areas and the event form – I think that the user should have the option to first select a Work Area, and that choice should then restrict the “Issue with” field to show only items in that work area.

    Also, if you are going to do some sort of ‘read only’ view, I think that it should be a button the user can choose from the event form, and that it should be a search feature that uses the Work Area and Issue With fields as filters. So someone at a branch could select their branch and then see a list of all (open? or a choice here too?) events for that branch, or by selecting a specific computer, see a list of events for that computer. Just a list of all events won’t be very useful.

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