Moving into the future

February 26, 2007

This blog has been idle for a couple of months, but not because we haven’t been busy (rather the opposite!). The TechAtlas team at WebJunction has now grown to four full-time members, and our plans for moving TechAtlas for Libraries forward continue.

WebJunction and OCLC have recently concluded an agreement with NPower to acquire the TechAtlas asset (lock, stock and barrel!) from NPower, and we’ll soon be re-locating TechAtlas homebase from Seattle to Dublin, Ohio.

Now that TechAtlas is even more a part of WebJunction than ever before, we have decided to discontinue this separate blog, and integrate our future postings into WebJunction’s own BlogJunction. If you’re not already reading BlogJunction on a regular basis, please do so to keep up with the TechAtlas for Libraries project!


Three more years (at least) of TechAtlas!

December 22, 2006

We here at WebJunction are just a tiny little part of OCLC, the global library services cooperative headquartered in Ohio. We work together with OCLC’s core staff on many activities, not limited to such things as administration, finance, human resources, payroll, etc.

Every once in a while there are more interesting angles to the relationship, such as the recent signing of a new grant agreement between OCLC and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. This grant to OCLC and to WebJunction provides for three more years of work around the TechAtlas software, following up on work that WebJunction has been doing over the past two years.

We’ll be posting lots of additional information about this new grant in the near future, but the good news for TechAtlas users is that use of the tool will remain free for all WebJunction members for at least a few more years. To learn more about WebJunction’s work with TechAtlas, visit our TechAtlas content area.

TechAtlas in Kansas!

December 18, 2006

We were pleased to be invited to make a presentation earlier this month for a group of librarians in Kansas participating in WebJunction’s Rural Library Sustainability program. The presentation was conducted as a webcast, and Cindi Hickey from the State Library of Kansas was kind enough to record and archive the session. If you’re interested in getting an overview of TechAtlas, this recording is a great place to start!  Please note that you will need to use the Internet Explorer web browser in order to view this archived recording.

TechAtlas new features webcast archive

November 30, 2006

For those of you who missed the TechAtlas 2.3 new features overview webcast this past Wednesday, we have archived a video (and audio!) recording of the presentation on WebJunction’s TechAtlas Online Learning Materials page. On that same page, you’ll find a link to a brief document listing the new TechAtlas features that we reviewed during the webcast.

Thanks for everyone who did participate in the webcast – we received many good questions and comments from the participants, and we appreciate it!

Cheat sheet for the new TechAtlas

November 28, 2006

Since the latest update to the TechAtlas software included several new features, we’ve posted a handy 3-page “cheat sheet” to WebJunction. This brief article provides a list of the major areas of enhancement in the latest version of TechAtlas, and also provides some helpful pointers on specific functions to check out within each of the new tools.

TechAtlas new features webcast re-schedule

November 27, 2006

Due to some technical problems last week, we had to re-schedule the TechAtlas version 2.3 new features overview webcast originally scheduled for November 22.

Now that our technical issues are resolved, we’ll hold the (free) webcast this Wednesday, November 29 beginning at 1 pm Eastern time (10 am Pacific). The webcast will be one hour in duration.

If you would like to participate in this webcast, please register online since space is limited. We hope you can join us!

Thunderbirds are go!

November 20, 2006

Well, not the Thunderbirds exactly, but TechAtlas version 2.3 did launch successfully this past Friday. The upgrade process went smoothly, and everything seems to be working great.

A lot of work went into this latest update to the TechAtlas software, and we especially want to thank those TechAtlas users who provided suggestions and feedback on how we can improve these tools. We weren’t able to implement all of the good suggestions in this latest update, but WebJunction has big plans for additional work on TechAtlas over the next few years – watch this space for more details (coming soon)!